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Have the wedding you WANT

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

There is a lot of dialogue out there about weddings – anyone who has ever been engaged can attest to the fact that as soon as That Ring is anywhere near That Finger, you will be overwhelmed with ideas and trends and suggestions and plenty of “do this” and “oh, no! you absolutely cannot do that”.

But here’s a little secret from the wedding industry – it’s YOUR wedding.

That’s “YOUR” plural, by the way, because there are two of you getting married. Two of you. That’s it! Everything else is optional (or, in the least, able to be modified to suit). E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

A great example of this is Unplugged Weddings. We’ve all seen the viral posts on Facebook of the wedding photos ruined by Uncle Larry with his iPad blocking the view of the photographer. That’s annoying, Uncle Larry. But you don’t have to have an unplugged wedding IF YOU DON’T WANT TO.

If you have zero cares about people filming/photographing your ceremony on their cell phones, then let them. Like, we all want people present, in the moment, and all that, for sure! But, we know of one couple who didn’t hire a videographer and had no idea their cousin had filmed the whole thing... How did they find out? She edited it and made a really amazing wedding video for them as a surprise. So yea, do what is best for you.

To break it down even simpler, here is a list of some standard FAQs for a wedding in New Zealand:

  1. Do I have to have a bridal party? No.

  2. Can I have 15 bridesmaids, 10 groomsmen and 8 flower girls? Yes.

  3. But … my bridal party is uneven! Is this ok? Yes. Your bridal party is not going to fall over due to being unbalanced.

  4. Can I invite 600 guests? Yes

  5. Can I invite ZERO guests? Yes.

  6. Can I wear white? Yes

  7. Can I wear blue? Yes

  8. Can I wear activewear? Yes

  9. Can I get married at a church? Yes

  10. Can I get married on a beach? Yes

  11. Can I get married at midnight? Yes

  12. Can I get married at 11:06am on a Tuesday? Yes

  13. Do I have to have matching chairs, chair covers, mason jars and a board welcoming people to my wedding? No

  14. But, can I, though? Yes.

  15. Do I have to put money on the bar? No

  16. Can I put money on the bar? Yes

  17. Who can witness my wedding? Anyone

  18. …even Uncle Larry with the iPad? Yes

  19. Do I have to change my name when I’m married? No

  20. Can I change my name when I’m married? Yes

We think you get the idea. There are NO RULES. Well, if we are being technical, you do need a registered marriage celebrant to make it legit, and you will need two witnesses as well. And a marriage licence, of course. But that’s it. It’s a pretty short list, really.

And there is absolutely no shame in doing things the “Pinterest” way or doing things the complete opposite. Have the wedding YOU WANT.

At the end of the day, it’s your day. It might be the best day of your entire life, it might just be a really rad day amongst a million other really rad days that you get to share with the person you love, hard.

You will be told a lot that there are things you must do, or things you absolutely can’t do. But at the end of the day, what are you going to look back on, and smile? When you close your eyes, what do YOU see as your ultimate day to make that ultimate commitment to this person who you fancy being beside you for a long time to come?

Visualise it and do it. Have the wedding YOU WANT.

Photo Credit: Kate Roberge Photography

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