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A quick guide to ensure you get the right group photos at your wedding

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

Group photos on your wedding day can be like herding cats… and honestly sometimes, if the right prep hasn’t been done, it can be worse. But not to worry! Your photographer will be there to help you avoid the mistakes most people make and to give you a simple list to follow when making your group photo checklist...

The Big Group Photo

This one is always a fun one if you think you’ll have the time, space and obedience of your guests on your side! It’s best do the complete group photo right after your ceremony so everyone’s head is still in the game and there are no champagne glasses in random hands or on the ground.

Shots to add to the list:

  1. Group Photo

  2. Fun Group Photo

Those Family Shots

Family photos are the main images you think about when you are picturing the group photos. These are the simplest ones to do, and some couples decide they are the only portraits they want to include during the group photo part of their day. Family photos are the easiest ones to do, and

generally your family can organise

themselves enough to making things not so painful. That being said, beware of adding too many extended family photos if you aren’t wanting to lock in at least 30 minutes for group photos.

The separate cousins, family friends and auntie/uncle combos can add a lot of

waiting and hunting for people into the mix.

If you are wanting the group photos to take the least amount of time possible, following is a suggested order of family shots based on the inside knowledge of some highly regarded and experienced wedding


Shots to add to the list:

  1. Partner 1’s Grandparents

  2. Partner 1’s full family

  3. Partner 1’s parents & siblings

  4. Partner 1’s parents

  5. Partner 1 & 2’s parents

  6. Partner 2’s grandparents

  7. Partner 2’s full family

  8. Partner 2’s parents & siblings

  9. Partner 2’s parents

  10. Group Photo

  11. Fun Group Photo

The People Who Made A Big Effort

One of the best things about your wedding day is looking out to the crowd and

knowing that everyone is there because they love you. Some are from close and others are from far away and have made a really big effort to be there. It is a really special way of showing your appreciation for those people when you ask for a photo especially with them. That can be anything from a friend who has gone through quarantine to be there with you to the special person you chose to do a reading.

Shots to add to your list:

  1. Your Best Friend from overseas

  2. Kids that were a part of your ceremony

  3. Your pets!

  4. Someone who played a really big part in the planning of your day

  5. The person who did a reading during your ceremony


Having your best friends from high school, sports team, your old stomping grounds come to your wedding day is super special! Adding in a few photos of you with your friend groups is always a really fun photo to look back on, if you have time we would definitely recommend adding a couple of these onto your wedding group photo list.

Shots to add to the list:

  1. High School Friends

  2. Friends from childhood

  3. Work Friends

  4. Your Girl Gang

  5. The Boyz

  6. Your Pet!

Finding A Photographer

You will be spending a lot of time with your photographer on your wedding day so it is important to find someone you connect with. We suggest after you have found a photographer who’s style you love that you arrange to meet them in person if possible, or via a video call to make sure that you click.

You can use this meeting to also find out what additional services they provide like vendor recommendations, help with planning your timeline and assistance with some planning aspects.

Photo Credit: Kate Roberge Photography

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