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10 Tips to plan a sustainable wedding in Queenstown

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

1) Keep Your Invites Online

Instead of sending all of your guests stationary save the dates, invites and RSVP’s why not look creating a wedding website and e-vite instead? It will give you an

opportunity to reduce the amount of waste you produce and wedding websites are so good for quick RSVP’s, giving more detail about the whole timeline of events and is an amazing place to give guests resources for things they’ll need for the day.

2) Cut Down On Transport

By choosing a venue that has accommodation, the ceremony space, portrait location and reception opportunities all in one place, you’ll be cutting one of the biggest carbon footprints causes totally out! Taking out the need for excessive transport is such an easy way to help your wedding day in Queenstown be sustainable.

3) Wear Responsibly

If you’d like to find dresses and suits that are ethically made and use sustainable materials, you have so many options!

4) Rent Bridal Party Dresses & Suits

If you want to go totally no waste for your wedding day, think about renting your wedding gear instead of buying it. There are so many amazing options on offer, and for a dress or suit that you’re only probably going to wear once, renting makes so much sense if you can find something you love!

5) Buy Bridal & Groom Accessories That You’ll Actually Use!

Buying those outrageous shoes or choosing to wear earrings that perfectly match your dress but can never be worn with anything else on your wedding day can be fun, but is definitely not very sustainable on the planet or your budget! We would recommend

finding accessories for your wedding that are timeless pieces that can be worn over and over again, so you can both enjoy them for a lifetime AND know that you aren’t just

creating unneeded waste. Bonus points if you can find a shoe company, jeweller, tannery, etc that has ethical and sustainable values as well.

When it comes to rings, make sure to ask your jeweller about where they get their metals and jewels from. There are a lot of unethical sources out there that take advantage of developing countries and impoverished people. Most sustainable and ethical jewellers will sing out from the rooftops about what they are doing to be an eco and ethical brand, so it’s not too hard to find companies that are on the right side of the diamond trade.

6) Ask Your Guests To Thrift, Rent Or Re-Wear

Did you know if everyone wore a pre-loved or rented outfit (or simply re-wore something they already owned) a wedding next year, the carbon emissions saved would be equivalent to taking 56 million cars off the road for a day?

That’s pretty insane, that by just asking your guests to not buy a new outfit for your day, you can make that much of an impact to the carbon emissions produced by your wedding day. From our experience, guests are more than happy to do this if you ask them to, and all it takes is putting it on your wedding website and perhaps having a wee chat to them.

7) Ask Your Florist To Use Local, Dried & Seasonal Florals

Flowers are obviously a big part of any wedding day, and we are definitely not going to suggest cutting them out of your day. There are definitely ways of being sustainable when you’re choosing which flowers to incorporate into your wedding day though.

Simply ask your florist to stay local and seasonal when they are designing your flower arrangements and if you’re looking for something that might not be in season, ask for dried as they will most likely have a few things in storage that have just been waiting to find thier perfect home.

8) Use Left Over Flower Petals As Confetti

Instead of requesting a whole new bunch of flowers to be used as confetti for your epic walking down the aisle moment why not ask your florist to collect the spare bits that fall off or aren’t used for your main flower pieces and use that as confetti? Yes, it may not be only one colour and the flower pieces may not be as big as full petals but in many cases they will be, and multi coloured flower confetti is epic!

9) Offset Travel

Queenstown is a bit wedding destination, meaning that about 80% of wedding guests have to fly in to attend the big day of their loved ones! That’s a lot of carbon emissions being created, so why not ask your guests to offset their emissions when they buy their plane ticket and hire their rental car? It’s not that much to ask and collectively it can make a big difference!

10) Keep It Local

If you’re looking to have a sustainable wedding be sure to check out the Queenstown

Wedding Association directory and try to keep your vendors local. By supporting local you’ll be helping the local economy plus keeping carbon emissions down as you won’t need to transport things in from elsewhere.

For your reception we suggest you ask your caterer to source locally, seasonally and

perhaps even only offer one or two courses that include meat.

The same can go for beverages! Queenstown and the surrounding areas have such

beautiful wine and beverages to choose from. We encourage you to look at supporting local vineyards, wineries and distilleries - they are amazing!

Photo Credit: Kate Roberge Photography

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