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10 Tips for a stress-free wedding

Updated: Aug 31, 2021

1) Set Your Budget

Before you start anything, make sure you and your partner agree on a budget. Knowing that you have a set amount to spend means you can start to get a feeling of what kind of wedding day you’ll have, and what vendors and wedding day things you should be looking at. For example, if you want to stay under $20k, chances are you won’t be able to invite all of your extended family and friends. You may want to look at renting a suit instead of buying one, and you’ll be able to know what kinds of venues you should be reaching out to.

2) Be Intentional With Your Choices

When you are starting the planning process, it can be super easy to jump on Pinterest and just start planning for what will look the coolest. Instead try sit down together and come up with a list of your top 3 most important things you want for your day. It could be

‘photography, food, music’ or ‘vows, friends, speeches’ or anything else important to you both. Make sure this is something you do before you start booking things in, it’s the best way to make sure you don’t get to your wedding day and just wish it was over.

3) Try On More Than One Outfit

There are so many incredible options when it comes to your wedding dress or suit. You could go classy with a black tux and silk dress, or boho with a Rue De Seine wedding dress and brown suit. You could even decide to wear a full white power suit and red velvet shoes... the options are endless and you don’t have to stop at the first thing you think of! Bring your personality into your look and don’t be afraid to try on a few different looks.

4) Trust Your Vendors

Chances are, you haven’t done this before. Please don’t feel like you have to know

everything and make the right decision right out of the gate.

Our biggest advice, if you listen to any of these tips, would be to trust your wedding vendors.

If you’ve hired someone that you love the work of, and click as a person with, then they’ll be your number one advocate and helper during the whole process.

The people who work in the wedding industry deal with all kinds of situations and budgets every day. From location advice, to timeline, to other vendor recommendations, including them in those decisions means you’ll get the best outcome and your wedding day will be stress free!

5) Give Yourself Moments

A wedding day goes by super quickly so try to put small bits of time throughout the day to stop, reflect and just take it all in. That can be through taking an extra moment while you get ready with your friends, doing a first look or sneaking away during the reception to watch the sunset together for the first time as a married couple. The most important thing is that you can give yourselves is time to be together, to look at everything you’ve created and to just love what’s happening.

6) Pick The Right People

Asking your best friend to be on your wedding crew is a big deal, and a really good way to make them feel special and also be able to hang out with them a bit more than everyone else on your wedding day! These are the people that are going to make your wedding either a breeze or a mild frustration. If you have friends who are all over the place and not committed to being there to help you out, maybe leave them off the list.

Consider leaning on the smaller side of bridal party numbers if you are wanting to keep your budget and stress levels down. Keeping your bridal party small also doesn’t mean that you can’t invite your other friends to get ready with you or go to all the fun things that happen to the lead up of your wedding day! Invite them along and make it epic, but when it comes to the people standing up there for the ceremony, and coming along for the bridal party photos, keeping the team on time throughout the day and making sure your bag is in the car and you have a phone charger for the day after your wedding, you want to pick carefully.

7) Hire A Planner & Stylist

If you can’t think of anything worse than having to organise all the small details like cutlery and linen, put up the seating chart, or worrying about any of the other little details when you’re meant to be enjoying one of the biggest parities of your life then you need a planner and stylist. They can be there with you through the whole wedding planning experience or a lot of them have the option of jumping on three months out to help you with any loose ends or logistics that need to be tied up.

A stylist is also someone you can get to help you achieve your vision. We’ve all had that moment where we’ve had a great idea, but in the end the idea was better than the execution…Planners can help you save heaps of money, time and stress, as they’ll have connections with vendors you don’t, they’ll be able to co-ordinate everyone and can be an advocate for you when you’re trying to make decisions that are true to your heart.

If you are travelling for your wedding we suggest you also look into using a travel planner to help coordinate your family and friends flights, accommodation and

experiences. This will remove a massive logisitics headache for you!

8) Have A Contingency Plan

Many of the weddings in Central Otago are outdoors, which means you have to deal with whatever the weather brings on your day. There are always options and flexibility needed when you’re planning your wedding to be outside. Some couples choose to book somewhere with an easy indoor/outdoor option and others choose to go ahead with whatever the weather brings and have

umbrellas on stand by. If you’re hiring a helicopter for your portrait session, it’s always a good idea to ask your photographer what kind of alternative wedding photo locations are around your ceremony spot.

This is another reason hiring a stylist or planner is a great idea, they’ll be able to help and execute any contingency plan.

9) Give Yourself a Realistic Wedding Timeline

Rushing is never fun, and it’s especially not fun on a day you’ve put so much time, money and effort into planning. When you’re creating your timeline, we would recommend adding in a ten minute buffer to each thing you’re doing so that if you run late, its easy to catch up, and if you run early you just have more time to celebrate and spend with the people you love.

10) Make Sure Your Wedding Day Is True To You

Through everything, please just make sure you are creating a day that is for you. Not your mum or your dad, not your friends from high school that you’re still trying to impress, not your conservative grandparents. You! Remember, there is no point in planning a wedding for anyone but yourselves, so make sure it is all about you and your love.

Photo Credit: Kate Roberge Photography

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